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Hospital Discharge/Exit Process

Customer Info

Release Service

  • You will be discharged from the ward on the doctor’s advice. Your final bill will be processed as soon as we receive the completed discharge form.
  • For cash patients, the bill will be ready to be processed within one hour after the discharge form is received.
  • If admission to your ward is insurance or company liability, the discharge process will take longer.
  • “Check out time” is 12 noon. Discount after 2 pm will be charged at full room rate.

Prescription Drugs and Follow-up Appointments
Medications if necessary will be given before you leave the ward. The same goes for follow-up appointments if necessary with a specialist doctor will be given before being charged.

Late Charges
Generally the detailed bill during discharge is the final bill. However, there are times when there are late charges for items used on the day of discharge not included. If this happens, the hospital will inform and send a final bill showing the balance in the account.

Excess Deposit Repayment
The amount received in excess of the total bill will be repaid depending on the initial payment. However, Refund Cash amounting to more than RM1000 will be made by check within 3 working days.


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