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Ward Admission Procedure

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Ward Admission Procedure

The PUSRAWI Ward Admission Counter is at the Main Counter Level 2 and at the Accident & Emergency Clinic (A & E), Level 1.
Ward admission registration times are as follows:


Patients are required to bring an Identity Card, Health Card and Ward Admission Slip during registration. For elective (planned) cases, Company Panel patients are required to bring the original Letter of Guarantee.

For pediatric children aged 12 and under, Identity Card of the mother or guardian and MyKid are required upon registration. Patients / beneficiaries are required to check and confirm the information on the Ward Admission Form by signing the form.

Deposit Payment

Deposit fees will be charged to Cash Patients and Insurance / Panel Patients admitted to the ward before the Letter of Guarantee is received. PUSRAWI staff will advise patients / heirs on the amount of deposit to be paid. Payment must be made within 24 hours from the time of registration for ward admission. PUSRAWI reserves the right to transfer patients to the Government Hospital if no deposit payment is made during that period.

Foreign patients (cash) are required to pay the full amount of the estimated bill charges at the time of registration.

For Insurance medical cardholders, patients are required to pay a minimum deposit of RM300. This is to pay for the amount of access not borne by the Insurance. Once the Letter of Guarantee is obtained from the insurance / panel, and if there is a surplus of liability, then the balance of the money will be returned to the patient but if the amount of liability is less, then the patient / heir must make the final payment.


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